A customer centred approach to the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

At Phase One Electronics, we have specialised in the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards for over two decades.  Phase One Electronics uses the very latest manufacturing technologies to reduce production costs whilst maintaining the very highest quality standards.  Our specialist team have repeatedly demonstrated their ability in this field.  Our company ethos mixes engineering and assembly experience, with professionalism and customer focused service, to ensure that we meet the fundamental requirements of our customers each and every time.  Every team member takes pride in building boards correctly, ensuring all components have been appropriately handled, and that soldering will ensure reliability throughout the products life.

Our flexible and responsive approach ensures that customers deadlines are met, exceeding our customers expectations constantly.  We take a partnership approach with all our customers, and as part of our service we also provide build expertise through the assembly phase to eradicate potential future problems.

Our customers recognise the passion and attention to detail that we apply to every board we manufacture. We are determined to exceed our customers expectations and to become a valued part of their supply chain.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss your individual requirements.

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