BGA Re-work

Remove, replace and repair when necessary saving you time and money

Device speed and capability is advancing at such a rate that some companies are finding it more cost effective to replace BGA’s and other devices with new rather than rebuild the entire board and this is where our ERSA PL650 rework station comes into its own.

It affords the highest degree of automation in the rework line and can handle large and complex boards whilst requiringthe least Operator dependence. Non contact infrared sensing allows for precise board and component temperature monitoring for optimal control throughout the rework process.

ERSA Scope vision supports this rework enabling us to visualize BGA soldering results. The system enables us to measure the joints and to provide photographic images of the joints achieved.

We are happy to quote you for one offs or thousand off.

  • ERSA PL650 Re-work Station
  • ERSA Scope Vision System
  • High degree of automation
  • Large Boards up to 460 by 560 mm
  • Repeatability
  • Cost effective

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