Conventional PCB Assembly

Through hole technology – Right first time and reliability built in

As with most PCB assemblies these days there is still an element of conventional work to be undertaken whether that involves a few connectors or indeed the whole board.

Our operators are trained to the highest standards of hand soldering coming as they do in the main from military assembly in the days when a lot of the work was hand soldering.  Flow soldering of course plays a large part of what we do  and to ensure that boards are soldered to the highest standards close process control is carried out throughout this stage of the assembly.

Special to type holding frames are not uncommon through this process ensuring the board being soldered is safely held and protected through the flow soldering process which is carried out using the Blundell CMS400LF machines.

Component pre-forming is integral with what we do and boards can be auto cropped using the industry standard Cropmatic system to ensure lead length uniformity across the entire board.

Cable assemblies and system build is undertaken and again we are happy to build one offs or hundreds.

  • PCB Prototypes
  • Small to medium size PCB batches
  • Leaded or Unleaded
  • CMS 400 and CMS400LF
  • Auto Cropping
  • Component Pre-forming
  • Cables and Box build